Musica internazionale

Hank Williams - "Jesus died for me"

Louis Armstrong - "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen"

T-Bone Walker - "Stormy Monday"

Million Dollar Quartet - "Just a little talk with Jesus"

Elvis Presley - "I believe"

Elvis Presley - "It is no secret (what God can do)"

Elvis Presley - "How great thou art"

Elvis Presley - "Who am I"

Elvis Presley - "Reach out to Jesus"

Elvis Presley - "Miracle of the Rosary"

Elvis Presley - "He touched me"

Roy Orbison - "What am i worth"

Jerry Lee Lewis - "The Church session"

Jerry Lee Lewis feat. Johnny Cash - "When the Saint go marchining"

Johnny Cash - "Help me"

Johnny Cash - "God's gonna cut you down"

Ray Charles feat. Johnny Cash - "Why me Lord?"

Ray Charles - "Lift every voice and sing"

Ray Charles - "Oh happy day"

The Beatles - "Tell me what you see"

The Beatles - "Let it be"

Billy Preston - "Make mad the devil (turn on to Jesus)"

Billy Preston - "That's the way God planned it"

Billy Preston - "I'm giving my life to Christ"

Billy Preston - "Yes my God is real"

Billy Preston - "For You my Lord"

Billy Preston - "How great Thou Art"

Otis Redding - "Amen"

Jimi Hendrix - "The things that I used to do"

Blind Faith - "In the presence of the Lord"

The Velvet Underground - "Jesus"

The Allman Brothers Band - "Whipping post"

The Allman Brothers Band - "Stormy Monday"

Lou Reed - "Who am I?"

The Byrds - "Jesus is just alright"

Jethro Tull - "A Christmas song"

Aretha Franklin - "Amazing Grace"

Aretha Franklin - "Precious memories"

Nina Simone - "Sinnerman"

Nina Simone - "He's got the whole world"

Nina Simone - "Ain't got no, I got life"

Nina Simone - "Take me to the water"

Amazing Blondel - "Safety in God alone"

Demis Roussos - "We shall dance"

Vangelis - "Heaven and hell"

Jon Anderson - "Ave Verum"

Charles Aznavour - "Essere"

Charles Aznavour - "Hosanna!"

Charles Aznavour - "Per te Armenia"

Solomon Burke - "Precious Lord"

Stevie Wonder - "Have a talk with God"

Stevie Wonder - "Heaven help us all"

Bob Dylan - "Knockin' on Heaven's door"

Bob Dylan - "Blowing in the wind"

Bob Dylan - "Gotta serve somebody"

Bob Dylan - "I believe in You"

Bob Dylan - "Precious Angel"

Bob Dylan - "Ring them bells"

Bob Dylan - "Every grain of sand"

Bob Dylan - "Forever young"

Bob Dylan - "Pressing on"

Jesus Christ Superstar - "Superstar"

Jesus Christ Superstar - "Hosanna"

Jesus Christ Superstar - "Crucifixion"

Bee Gees - "Too much Heaven"

Donny Hathaway - "We need you right now, Lord"

Albert King feat. Stevie Ray Vaughan - "Stormy Monday"

Pink Floyd - "The postwar dream"

Queen - "Somebody to love"

Queen - "Jesus"

Queen feat. David Bowie - "Heroes + The Lord's prayer"

Rod Stewart feat. Jeff Beck - "People get ready"

Black Sabbath - "Black Sabbath"

Black Sabbath - "After forever"

Black Sabbath - "War pigs"

ZZ Top - "Jesus just left Chicago"

Willie Nelson - "Where you there when they cruficied my Lord?"

Willie Nelson - "I thought about You, Lord"

Bob Marley - "Redempion song"

Lionel Richie - "Jesus is love"

Michael Jackson - "Man in the mirror"

USA for Africa - "We are the world"

Eric Clapton - "Tears in Heaven"

Eric Clapton - "Holy Mother"

Eric Clapton feat. Steve Winwood - "Presence of the Lord"

Sting feat. Luciano Pavarotti - "Panis angelicus"

B. B. King feat. U2 - "When Love comes to town"

U2 - "God Part II"

U2 - "Gloria"

U2 - "40"

U2 feat. Bruce Springsteen - "I still haven't found what I'm looking for"

Bruce Springsteen - "The price you pay"

Bruce Springsteen - "Jesus was an only son"

Bruce Springsteen - "We are alive"

Bruce Springsteen - "My city of ruins"

Bruce Springsteen - "The rising"

Bruce Springsteen - "Oh Mary, don't you weep"

Bruce Springsteen - "This little light of mine"

Van Morrison - "In the garden"

Van Morrison - "When will I ever learn to live in God?"

Van Morrison - "Whenever God shines His light"

Stevie Ray Vaughan - "The things that I used to do"

Leonard Cohen - "Hallelujah"

Leonard Cohen - "Show me the place"

Leonard Cohen - "Amen"

Patti Smith - "Constantine's dream"

Tom Waits - "Jesus gonna be here"

Whitney Houston - "Jesus loves me"

Whitney Houston - "His eye is in the sparrow"

Whitney Houston - "I love the Lord"

Whitney Houston feat. Mariah Carey - "When you believe"

Prince - "One of us"

The Depeche Mode - "Personal Jesus"

The Black Crowes - "Sometimes salvation"

Axiom Funk feat. Eddie Hazel - "Pray my soul"

Steve Vai - "For the love of God"

Guns N' Roses - "Knocking on Heaven door's"

Bon Jovi - "Keep the faith"

Bon Jovi - "I believe"

Aerosmith - "Street Jesus"

Radiohead - "Just"

Celine Dion feat. Andrea Bocelli - "The prayer"

Mick Jagger feat. Lenny Kravitz - "God gave me everything"

Lenny Kravitz - "Beyond the 7h sky"

Lenny Kravitz - "Heaven help"

Lenny Kravitz - "Dig in"

Lenny Kravitz - "Believe"

Lenny Kravitz - "Are you gonna go on my way"

Oasis - "Stand by me"

Evanescence - "Bring me to life"

Evanescence - "Tourniquet"

Mark Knopfler feat. Bap Kennedy - "Please return to Jesus"

Dolores O'Riordan - "Ave Maria"

Nina Hagen - "Ave Maria"

Nina Hagen - "Personal Jesus"

The Black Eyed Peas - "Where is the love?"

Moby - "In my heart"

Moby - "In this world"

Moby - "Walk with me, Lord"

Moby - "God moving over the face of the waters"

Coldplay - "Viva la vida"

Coldplay - "'Till Kingdom come"

Coldplay - "42"

Coldplay - "God put a smile upon your face"

Robbie Williams - "Bodies"

Joe Bonamassa feat. Beth Hart - "Sinner's prayer"

Ben Harper - "Amen Omen"

Ben Harper - "Waiting on an angel"

Ben Harper - "Faithfully remain"

Tracy Chapman - "Change"

Billy Joel - "The river of dreams"

Annie Lennox - "God rest ye merry gentleman"

Antony and the Johnsons - "Rapture"

Leona Lewis - "Fingerprints in the sand"

Mumford & Sons - "Awake my soul"

Mumford & Sons - "Sigh no more"

Mumford & Sons - "Below my feet"

Mumford & Sons - "Whispers in the dark"

Band Aid 30 - "Do they know it's Christmas?"

Blind Boys of Alabama feat. Susan Tedeschi - "People get ready"

Susan Tedeschi - "Lord protect my child"

Tedeschi Trucks Band - "Anyhow my Lord"

Avenged Sevenfold - "Dear God"

Placebo - "Jesus' son"

Pentatonix - "Angels we have heard on high"

Pentatonix - "Mary, did you know?"

Pentatonix - "Hallelujah"

Avicii - "Sunset Jesus"